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Photo Slideshow Contact Info - Have you ever tried to shop for a new camper or recreational mattress? Then you already know how difficult it is to find a comfortable high quality mattress. We can provide you with new and better options for your sleeping quarters while you camp, vacation, or travel. has been manufacturing mattresses for the recreational vehicle and camper industry for more than 35 years.

Page Bedding

Page Bedding - At Page we set stringent standards... which we meet.  Every set of Page Bedding is hand crafted and our highly experienced employees take pride in their work.  Your bedding set is manufactured the day before your scheduled delivery.  This means that your set is "hot" off the line reducing the chance for damage while in storage.  We have been in the mattress business for over 50 years.  We know mattresses and we know our quality.  We know that you have a schedule to keep.  We schedule and deliver on time.  Guaranteed